Why can’t I change the setpoint directly from the measurement mode on the UDM meters?

When using the UDM series of meters, do I have to set any dip-switches or jumpers to select the specific range I need    to measure with my UDM meter?

I have a complex voltage signal consisting of a 30 VDC level modulated by a 12 Vpeak /60 Hz signal. Do I have to set    the measurement as DC or TRMS (when using the UDM series) to see the effective value of the voltage?

How should the input integration time parameter (int.t) be set on the UDM meter?

I’m using a UDM meter to measure temperature using a thermocouple. Do I have to set the cold junction compensation    (CJC) parameter to Auto or Manual?

What is the relationship between the parameters of the SCAL menu?

Why is the displayed value flashing on the UDM meter?

What parameters does the decimal point selection d.p. affect?

When would you use the linearize function of the UDM40 meter?

Is it difficult to implement the linearization function in the UDM40?

When is it required to set a minimum and a maximum limit for the alarm setpoint value when using the UDM meter?

When would I need to introduce a delay on the activation or deactivation of an alarm when using a UDM meter?

What does the “disabling at power on” mean with reference to the d.do alarm type on a UDM meter?

With a UDM meter,why is an alarm set as OFF working under certain circumstances? Signal is exceeding the    programmed range (i.e. when the displayed value is flashing).

When do I need to use digital filtering with a UDM meter?

With the UDM meter, what is the action of the digital filter parameters on the measure value?

I programmed the analog output of my UDM35 meter to retransmit as 4 to 20 mA the displayed pressure range (0 to    18 bar). The parameters I set are Lo.A=4 and Hi.A=20 but the output signal is completely wrong. What is the problem?

What is the auxiliary input contact (CMD) on the input module of the UDM meters?

Is it possible to program the input module via a computer without powering the input module?

On the UDM and USC meters, why can’t I connect the serial port of the input module to a computer while the input    signal is connected?