WattSoft 2 / WattSoft 3

Carlo Gavazzi offers 2 software packages for monitoring of our power quality meters.

Wattsoft 2 is a basic software package for monitoring real time data from up to 12 meters.

Wattsoft 3 is a more advanced monitoring package which can monitor up to 255 meters (using suitable line drivers) and allows for management of alarms, advanced analysis of energy usage and costs, and viewing of electrical parameters graphically.

Both Wattsoft2 and Wattsoft3 can be used with most meters manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi.

SCADA Software

Carlo Gavazzi makes the difference with:

  • Powerful performance with support for
    multiple meter types
  • Modular, plug and play modules
  • Maximum in-field flexibility
  • Possibility to expand outputs when
    required by the application