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Energy Management - Network Software OPC Server for Eos-Array and Energy Meters

In addition to our broad number of energy meters and power quality meters, Carlo Gavazzi also offers a number of software products for monitoring of a network. This allows at-a-glance viewing of your complete power system.

Carlo Gavazzi OPC Server is a software for Windows XP, Vista and 7 developed to interface by means of MODBUS protocol to our Energy Meters and Eos Array products. The software enables users to manager real time data from electrical or photovoltaic installations using the OPC Client of choice (among a large selection of third party software, such as SCADA, and/or data management tools.) Up to 10 concurrent connections with 32 devices connected can be managed by a single server installation, as long as hardware and network speeds permit.

OPC is an international standard for an easy and reliable data exchange between products and applications from different suppliers.

Main Technical Features:
• OPC-DA specifications release 2.04 compliant
• Real time data and alarm management
• Plug and play configuration of connected devices
• Multiple connections manageable by a single server
Connects to the Following:
• Supported RS-485 meters: EM21, EM24, EM26, WM5, WM30 & WM40
• Suported Ethernet meters: WM5, WM30 & WM40
• Supported Eos-Arrays: Eos and Eos Lite